Members Info


Online information for our members

The online resources for our members can be found below. Click on the various links to get information, announcements, and upcoming events for us at Dalraida. There are many opportunities to get involved at Dalraida, so click and choose how you can get involved with us!

  • Upcoming Events
    Look here to find out what upcoming events are planned at Dalraida. Add the church calendar to your smartphone or tablet (directions found here).
  • Download Sermons & Lessons
    All of the sermons and auditorium lessons can be downloaded online. Use this to refer the lessons to your friends and family.
  • Mission Work
    We are involved in several mission works around the world. Since part of our Christian duty is to teach others about God, we are trying to be involved in different areas to do this.
  • Fellowship Groups
    We have several groups that plan activities to help foster a closer fellowship with each other.
  • Bible Study Resources
    Look here for some great resources for your personal or group bible study.
  • Library & Tracts
    We have a library full of books and available tracts for your personal or group study. Click Here to download a list of available library books (note: you will need to check the library to determine whether someone has them checked out).