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Whenever you visit us, you are our honored guest! Please be with us at every opportunity so we can study God's word together. Our service schedule can be found on our website and we will post special events online so you will know about them.

About Us

The church at Dalraida is a friendly, Christ-centered group of believers who desire to follow God and His inspired word. We have many options for Bible study classes and other activities that seek to encourage each other, build our fellowship and get us closer to each other and to God. We have classes for all ages on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. More About Us →

Age-Based Programs

We have groups for children, teens, college-age and young adults. Our teen program plans activities to help the teens grow spiritually while also enjoying good Christian fun together. Our college group is always doing something (especially during the school year). Since Montgomery has several colleges in the area, including Faulkner University, we always have a large group of Christian students that enjoy time together.

Our adult groups are divided into general age ranges so that those who are in similar places in life can enjoy closer fellowhsip and support. We have several groups including: Young Professionals (those right out college and those 20-somethings), Primetimers (30 & 40-somethings and families with children), Babyboomers (50 & 60-somethings who have empty nests and grandchildren), and Silverthreads (seniors and those enjoying fruits of their retirement).


The Dalraida congregation cares about our community. One way we try to help those in need around us is that we have a weekly food bank and benevolent center open to help those in our areas who are in need of food and clothing. Contact us for available times or if we can be of assistance to you and your family!

Bible Study & Practice

We would love to sit down with you and study the Bible. Please let us know if you are interested and we will find an individual, couple, or church leader to sit with you and study God's word for answers.

We take our responsibility to study the Bible seriously. The elders at Dalraida have asked that we meet on Sunday mornings and on Wednesday nights so that we can study God's Word together. If you are able to attend those periods of Bible study, you will find classes that look at God's Word for guidance in our lives. Because we take the autority of the Bible seriously, we also work hard to carry out the commands of God. We work to spread the Gospel to all in our community, nation and world with our mission work. We also seek to worship and live our lives in ways that would honor God and keep His commandments. More About Us →

Thanks for visiting our website, and please let us know if we can help you with anything.

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